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Allen Consulting Engineers, Inc. is a civil engineering firm with the capability of solving all problems associated with the plan process, design and inspection of public and private real estate development projects.  Allen Consulting enlists among its employees registered civil engineers, land surveyors and AutoCAD operators to provide the most comprehensive and accurate work possible from concept to completion.

Allen Consulting has state-of-the-art equipment from sophisticated surveying data collection electronics to computer-aided drafting (CAD) software systems.  Finished plans are plotted on a high quality laser printer giving us the ability to provide our clients with all their copy needs.

Services: Services
Architectural Plans
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At Allen Consulting Engineering, we take pride in delivering innovative, sustainable, and cost-effective civil engineering solutions. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, we offer a comprehensive range of services to cater to your every need including the following:

- Residential Subdivisions

- Single Residential Custom Homes

- Commercial Lot Development

- Commercial Subdivisions

- Industrial Developments

- Mobile Home and Planned Recreational Vehicle Parks

- Storm Drainage Systems (Hydrology and Hydraulics)

- Sewage Collection and Processing Systems

- Waste and Waste Water Processing Systems

- Retention and Distribution Systems

-Public Utility Compliance Systems

- Water Supply


Allen Consulting Engineers is your trusted partner for a wide range of professional land surveying services. With a commitment to accuracy, precision, and efficiency, we offer the following services to meet your land surveying needs:

- Boundary Surveys

- Topographical Surveys

- ALTA Surveys

- Construction Staking (All phases)

- Legal Real Estate Solutions

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